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NT Labs Marine Anti-Parasite 100ml

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NT Labs Marine Anti-Parasite 100mlNT Labs Marine Anti-Parasite 100ml

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NT Labs Marine Anti-Parasite 100ml

Controls Parasites in Marine Aquariums 

Treats Cryptocaryon, Oodinium and other protozoan parasites in a fish only system

Why? Parasites such as White Spot (Cryptocaryon) and Velvet (Oodinium) can be devastating to fish in a marine aquarium.

What? Marine Anti-Parasite contains copper, which is lethal to many marine fish parasites.

When? Use when small white spots, like grains of salt, can be seen scattered on the body of the fish (Cryptocaryon), if the fish are showing signs of irritation and rubbing on objects in the aquarium, or fish fish have a grey, velvety film all over the body.

Caution:  This product contains copper and cannot be used in a reef aquarium or where shrimps or crabs are present. Changing water between doses is not recommended except in an emergency.

100ml treats 400 Litres for 12 days.

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