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Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water

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Nishikoi Goodbye Green WaterGoodbye Green WaterNishikoiNishikoi Goodbye Green Water

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Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water

Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water is a 100% natural treatment against green water in garden ponds, Goodbye Green Water cannot be overdosed and is completely fine to be used with fish

1 Tub of Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water will treat a 1000 gallon pond for 8 weeks

Nishkoi Goodbye Green Water ingredients: Bacteria cultured on barley straw. barley straw, enzymes.

Goodbye Green Water Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water Nishikoi


Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water is simple to use with no need to measure out, just add one goodbye green water sachet weekly into the pond near a point of running water such as a fountain or a waterfall, or place the goodbye green water sachet directly into your filter box to ensure clean clear garden pond water. When first using Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water it is recomended to double does for the first week.

Each tub of Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water contains 8 x 25g sachets which are water soluable and harmless to the all garden pond fish such as goldfish and koi.

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