Marine Salt

Marine aquarium salt is essential when keeping marine fish, plants and corals. We stock a large range of marine salts in a number of different sizes.
Kent Marine - 25kg                                                    
Tropic Marin Salt - 1.24kg / 2kg / 4kg / 10kg / 25kg
Red Sea Coral Reef Salt - 2kg / 4kg / 6.3kg                
Tropic Marin Pro Salt - 4kg / 10kg / 25kg
Red Sea Marine Salt - 22kg                                        
Instant Ocean Marine Sea Salt - 60 Litres / 120L / 240L / 750L
Red Sea Coral Pro Salt - 7kg / 22kg                           
Instant Ocea Marine Reef Crystals - 120 Litres / 240L / 750L
Tetra Marine Salt - 8kg / 22kg


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