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Marine Chiller Aqua One Arctic 1/6 HP

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Marine Chiller Aqua One Arctic 1/6 HPMarine Chiller Aqua One Arctic 1/6 HP

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The Aqua One Arctic Chillers are the next generation in aquarium chillers.  Maintaing a stable aquarium is one of the keys to ongoing success with marine aquariums, espically in reef aquariums with temperature sensative corals.  The Aqua One Artic Chillers uses a titanium coil for efficient cooling, with a microprocessor driven digital control unit to make control easy and accurate.

LED live temperature display and control unit allows easy and accurate control of the built in thermostat.  The display shows the aquarium temperature to within 0.1oC and the control panel allows temperature control in increments of 1oC with a temperature variance of 1, 2 or 3oC between switching on and off.  The chiller can also be calibrated to +/- 1.5oC from the factory calibrated setting.

Aqua One Arctic Chillers will, on average, reduce the water temperature within the aquarium by up to 8oC below the ambient temperature outside the aquarium based on aquarium suitability recommendations.

Suitable for Marine and Freshwater aquariums.


  • Dimensions - 39 x 32 x 46cm
  • Max. Aquarium Volume - 300L
  • Flow Rate - 800-2200 LPH
  • Inlet/Outlet Size - 13, 16 & 19mm
  • Horse Power - 1/6
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