The task of the filter and the heater is to ensure that the aquarium is maintained at the optimum level to create a healthy environment for your fish.

The Juwel Bioflow Filter System delivers a reliable and effective two-stage biological and mechanical filtration process, which is really simple to maintain without having to remove the filter from the aquarium. Our pumps are designed to deliver effective filtration by supplying the correct ‘slow-flow’ of water through the filter media - ensuring healthy, crystal clear water.

Like you, we don’t like looking at cables, filters and pumps - we just want to enjoy watching our fish swimming happily, so all Juwel aquariums have the clever filtration and heating components hidden from view and away from the fish - so all you see is a beautiful aquarium.

The Juwel filter system offers one of the largest filter volumes of any aquarium in its class. Designed in Switzerland by Fish keepers for fish keepers it is offers an easy to use system that is contained within the aquarium. There are no external pipes to restrict flow or leak and maintenance is taken care of using the clever basket system.

In all the new Bio Flow systems it is possible to remove the baskets without removing the pump adding to the ease of maintenance. The carefully layered system offers a range of media to cover both Mechanical, Biological and chemical filtration.

Juwel Pumps are optimised for the size of the aquarium, Often smaller than you might expect they give the correct amount of flow for the filters to work efficiently. Slower circulation of water through the media is the optimum for cleaning the water. The bacteria require sufficient contact time with the water to be cleaned.

Increased circulation produces less effective filtering! Also, an increase in water movement expels the most important plant nutrients. For good plant growth, please do not use additional aeration.

To sum up: the more slowly the water flows through the filter, the more effective the cleaning. Optimum circulation only occurs as a result of large cleaning intervals. Vigorous water movement and aeration damage plant growth.

The heater is cleverly housed inside the filtration system where the filtered water passes over the heater thus providing a more even temperature throughout the whole aquarium and avoiding any cold spots. By housing it here it is also protected from large fish and is adjustable from the top without even getting