Eheim Internal Filters

Whether for breeder or quarantine tanks or simply for typically smaller  "home" aquariums: internal filters are ideal. They take up little room and are extremely flexible. For these purposes EHEIM offers various options for aquariums from 45 up to 260 litres: all of them (apart from pickup) are modular, can be extended or reduced to suit all requirements. All of them can be filled with various types of filter media. Technically perfect equipment of outstanding quality, with reliable performance and guaranteed durability. And they also run very quietly.

Made in Germany

  • Designed for the smallest tanks.  Attractive, slim design.
  • Eheim Pickup - Fully equipped and ready to use, ideal for beginners
  • Eheim Aquaball - Spherical head provides all round flexability.
  • Eheim Biopower - The first internal filter with external filter technology and multi-layer filtration.