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Instant Ocean Sea Salt 10Kg/300 litre

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Instant Ocean sea salt is a single-phase salt blend that includes all of the necessary major, minor, and trace elements. It is the only product that has been used to successfully spawn and raise millions of marine fish during more than 30 years of hatchery research.

Instant Ocean salt ensures that even the most delicate marine fish, invertebrates, and plants will thrive. No other product has had such an extensive history of proven usage.

Exceptional solubility, uniform particle size, and outstanding package value make Instant Ocean sea salt the standard by which other sea salts are measured.

Composition of Instant Ocean (at a specific gravity of 1.023,5) over one year of manufacturing:

1,020 315 1000 7,8
1,022 350 1140 8,4
1,024 390 1215


Outstanding Features & Benefits:

Exceptional Solubility:

  • Provides a clear solution in minutes
  • Allows for immediate usuage
  • Reaches and maintainsproper pH quickly

Complete Formula:

  • Contains every necessary major, minor and trace element
  • Ensures that even the most delicate marine fish, invertebrates and plants will thrive

Uniform Particle Size:

  • Guarantees consistency throughout
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