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Fluval Pressurized CO2 Kit 45g

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Fluval Pressurized CO2 Kit 45gFluval Pressurized CO2 Kit 45g

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  • Complete kit all in one box
  • Ideal for small planted aquariums up to 115L
  • Simple and easy to use system which can be installed in minutes
  • CO2 injection for a stunning planted aquarium
  • Budget-friendly and easy set-up solution
  • Elegantly simple design
  • Complete system utilises a disposable cartridge
  • Ensures optimal levels of carbon dioxide essential for aquarium plant growth
  • 2 Year Warranty

The Fluval Pressurised CO2 Kits come complete with all the necessary items required to grow and maintain lush and vibrant aquarium plants. The 45g disposable cartridge system is ideal for small planted aquariums up to 115L. It sets up in just minutes and ensures a consistent stream of carbon dioxide for optimal plant health and support.

The Fluval 45g Pressurised CO2 Kit includes a high quality Regulator Valve for the effective control of CO2 output, a 45g Disposable CO2 Cartridge, a Ceramic CO2 Diffuser that efficiently dissolves CO2 in aquarium water, a Stand/Bracket to securely install the cartridge to the side of the aquarium, and connection hosing.

Since all planted aquariums lack CO2, it is extremely important that they are supplemented with it. In fact, 40 to 50% of a plant’s dry weight is composed of carbon. For optimal condition of aquarium plants, some CO2 supplementation is necessary. The Fluval Pressurised CO2 Kit will ensure that the most important nutrient is available to plants to maintain vigorous, lush and vibrant growth and condition.

Fluval Pressurised CO2 Kit 45g Includes:
- 45g Disposable CO2 Cartridge
- Regulator Valve
- CO2 Ceramic Diffuser
- 2-in-1 Bubble Counter/Check Valve
- Stand/Hanging Bracket
- CO2 Hose

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