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Fluval Nano Plant LED with Bluetooth

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Fluval Nano Plant LED with BluetoothFluval Nano Plant LED with BluetoothFluval Nano Plant LED with BluetoothFluval Nano Plant LED with Bluetooth

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Fluval Plant 3.0 LED is designed for hobbyists who want to maintain a thriving live plant aquarium. Featuring FluvalSmart App technology, the light offers a variety of customisable features controlled on your mobile.

For those looking to grow bigger, more vibrant plants in a small freshwater aquarium, the Fluval Plant Nano lamp offers brilliant 750 K lighting, in addition to a newly designed mounting bracket. Complete with flexible positioning, a performance-enhancing IP67 waterproof rating and wide-angle light dispersion for greater area coverage.

Advanced Bluetooth Controls

Along with the latest generation of Fluval LEDs comes the launch of FluvalSmart – a Bluetooth-enabled app that controls the light and all its built-in features directly from your mobile.

Downloadable for free in the App Store or Google Play, FluvalSmart provides full customisation over a wide range of features, including the programmable 24-hour light cycle, adjustable spectrum with independent colour control, multiple weather effects and several pre-set light settings that reproduce popular tank setups and fish habitats from around the world!

24-hour light cycle and pre-set habitats

A programmable 24-hour light cycle produces sunrise, dusk and night settings for a truly natural effect. Mimic the natural cycle of the sun and moon to create a realistic environment for your fish.

For convenience, select one of three pre-set light configurations. Choose from Lake Malawi, Tropical River or Planted.

Full spectrum flexibility

Independently control colour to suit your lighting needs. The Plant Spectrum LEDs features 6 unique band waves for full spectrum results.

Improved Performance and Protection

Next generation H.L.E. (High Luminous Efficiency) LEDs have improved overall light output and spectral quality, while consuming the same power as before. These new LEDs also feature a higher optimal operating temperature due to a new fully encased aluminium shell. The shell not only provides effective heat transfer, but also offers improved protection against water intrusion and humidity with an industry-leading IP67 waterproof rating.

Smart construction

A lighter, smoother aluminium frame has reduced overall weight of the Plant Spectrum by 50% making it two times lighter than the original Fluval LEDs leaving behind a smaller carbon footprint.

Deeper and wider coverage

Each individual LED cats 120° of illumination for wider area coverage and uniform lighting without dead spots. Unlike other LEDs, the Plant LEDs can also be safely mounted directly above the water surface for greater light penetration and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Programmable, gradual 24-hour light cycle settings (sunrise, midday, sunset and night)
  • 6 unique band waves for full spectrum results
  • Independent colour control
  • Optional pre-set habitat light configurations (Lake Malawi, Tropical, Planted)
  • Fully adjustable positioning (up/down, side-to-side, forward/backward)
  • New over-the-glass mounting design with repositionable, secure grip
  • The new generation of H.T.E (High Thermal Efficiency) LEDs function at a higher operating temperature, providing improved long-term light output and spectral performance
  • Fully encased aluminum shell provides effective heat transfer and improved protection from water intrusion and humidity
  • 23% lighter, smoother frame than previous generation
  • Industry leading IP67 waterproof rating - light can be mounted directly above water surface for greater light penetration
  • Deep coverage - each individual LED casts 120° of illumination for wider, uniform lighting without dead spots

Tech Specs:

  • Dimensions - 12.7x12.7cm (5x5")
  • No. of LED's - 63
  • Wattage - 15W
  • Lumens - 1000lm
  • Colour Temp. - 7500K
  • Lifetime - 50,000 hours


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