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Eheim 2078 Professionel 3e 700

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Eheim 2078 Professionel 3e 700Eheim 2078 Professionel 3e 700Eheim 2078 Professionel 3e 700Eheim 2078 Professionel 3e 700Eheim 2078 Professionel 3e 700

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Eheim Professionel 3e

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The Eheim 2078 Professionel 3e 700  is part of the new external filter generation with even more technical benefits than the Professional II series.


All Eheim 2078 external filters supplied by Elm Pets come complete with fittings (hose taps, hose etc).


The easy to use, user-friendly electronics offer a range of tangible benefits just a touch of a button or a mouse click away!

  • Output Control - The water flow can be increased or decreased for optimum conditions at the push of a button.
  • Constant Flow - Your selected flow rate is maintained even when the filter media starts to get blocked.  The filter adjusts the pump power automatically.
  • Stream Function - Electronically adjusted alternating flow creating a natural wave-like effect.  Ideal for planted aquariums.
  • 12h Bio Function - You can set up 2 different flow rates within 1 day - like a day/night effect.  Ideal for planted aquariums.
  • Service Indicator - At the push of a button, the remaining time until the next cleaning interval is displayed on the LED read out.
  • Auto Air Out - Air trapped under the pump head is recognised and automatically diverted.
  • Electronic Error Indicator - Permanent electronic system monitoring.  Any imbalance is recognised and shown on the display.  Simultaneously a programme starts, which automatically attempts to remedy the causes.

Technical Data:

  • Suitable for aquariums from 350-700 litres
  • Pump output approx. 1850 lph
  • Max. head approx. 2.6m
  • Power consumption 10-35w
  • Canister volume 14.5 litres
  • Approx. width 264mm
  • Approx. depth 264mm
  • Approx. height 534mm

This filter can also be connected to your PC via the Eheim Control centre and Eheim interface - Revolutionary features and even more possible settings simply from your PC.

The USB converter (legth 3m) makes it possible to connect this filter directly to your PC via a USB port.

With the Eheim Control centre software the functions can be easily adjusted, monitored and updated.

System requirements: Windows 7/Windows XP/ Windows Vista (32-Bit)

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