Eheim Aquariums

At Elm Pets we have a great range of Eheim aquariums, with everything you need to create the perfect aquarium in your home. If you're looking for top quality, modern design and innovative technology, then an Eheim aquarium is perfect for you.

Made in Germany, with decades of experience in creating aquariums, Eheim are one of the most trusted brands in aquatics. At Elm Pets we have everything you need to set up and maintain your Eheim Aquarium, from circulation pumps to seal rings to marine granules for your fish.

From quirky mini-aquariums to huge showstopping fish tanks, Eheim offers a top class aquarium for any space. With a choice of lighting options, unique environments and beautiful effects, you can choose the perfect aquarium for your home. With a wide range of cabinets and display options, in various finishes and sizes, you can make sure your aquarium fits seamlessly into your home with their contemporary designs. Choose from a range of unique and bold aquariums, complete with heaters, filters and everything you could need to get your aquarium up and running.

Using top quality materials like brushed aluminium and modern wood style finishes you can choose which Eheim aquarium best matches your room design. With their own lighting technology and dramatic aquatic environments, Eheim aquariums are sure to get the right amount of attention and captivate your guests. They're also great for your fish, with filters, heaters and pumps to make sure your fish have the perfect environment for their needs. Eheim's energy efficient technology is great for both your electricity bills and the environment and their attention to detail is found in every aspect of their aquariums.

Whether you want a stunning colourful coral display or a bright modern fish tank bursting with aquatic life, Eheim will have something for you. For contemporary design and beautiful aquatic environments, shop our great range of Eheim aquariums now.