Reef Evolution by Dr Tim Hovanec

The end result of a close collaboration with Dr Tim, Ph.d on nitrifying bacteria (founder and president of DrTim’s Aquatics), the REEF EVOLUTION BY AQUARIUM SYSTEMS range has been extended by a very specific series of products intended for the maintenance and enhancement of your marine biotope. These products (six in total) have been developed by Dr Tim whose expertise in the field of tropical fish keeping, and nitrifying bacteria in particular, is not in any doubt. Dr Tim is quite simply the go-to expert on the subject! Indeed, after studying limnology at Uppsala University in Sweden, Dr Tim completed his studies with a BSc (Bachelor of Science) and an MSc (Master of Science) in biology in the United States. He then worked for a number of years on behalf of highly respected companies in the aquarium sector in the United States (Marineland, AQUARIUM SYSTEMS, etc.) before founding DrTim’s Aquatics. A fair number of his products have been patented and are used by public aquariums and any number of aquarium enthusiasts. The AQUARIUM SYSTEMS REEF EVOLUTION BY DR.TIM product range comprises six extremely advanced products dedicated to marine tropical fish keeping.

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